Saving options for images with different aspect ratios

When you take a photo with an aspect ratio other than 4:3, the original 4:3 image is also saved by default. This allows you to retrieve cropped areas and adjust the framing after the photo has been taken. The iPhone sensor captures in 4:3 format. Therefore, when 4:3 is selected, the full sensor is used, allowing for maximum resolution. All other aspect ratios are achieved by cropping the image.

Configure how to save non-4:3 aspect ratio images:

  1. Open ProCamera Settings.
  2. Tap Edited Version (General Options). 
  3. Capture Aspect Ratio lets you select your preferred saving option: Save Both Versions, Save Edited Version, Save Original. 

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Note that this setting only applies for capturing photos with an aspect ratio other than 4:3.

These are your options:

  • Save Both Versions:

Non-destructive workflow. This workflow saves both the original (4:3 image) and edited version (non-4:3 image). 

  • Save Edited Version:

Save only the edited image in the currently selected aspect ratio. Choose this option to save disk space as no additional 4:3 photo is saved.

  • Save Original: 

Save only the original photo in a 4:3 aspect ratio. When as aspect ratio other than 4:3 is currently selected, the viewfinder image only serves as a preview of how the scene would appear in that aspect ratio, but no cropping is done automatically.

In Portrait camera mode or when shooting with Auto Perspective Correct (APC), a non-destructive workflow is used by default.

When using "Save Both Versions", the way images are stored differs depending on whether you have selected Camera Roll/Recents or (Private) Lightbox as the Save Location. In Camera Roll/Recents, both versions are saved as one entry, whereas in (Private) Lightbox, they are saved as two separate images.

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