Manual controls in ProCamera

ProCamera can be used as a simple point and shoot camera, making it a great choice for those who prefer taking pictures without getting into the technical details of photography. For more advanced users, ProCamera also offers precise control over various parameters such as ISO, Exposure Time, White Balance, and Focus.

Enabling manual controls

Manually adjusting ISO, Exposure Time, White Balance, and Focus requires switching from automatic A mode to semi-automatic SI mode or manual M mode. To do this, (1) open the Control Panel, (2) tap the ISO & Shutter button and (3) select semi-automatic SI or manual M exposure mode.

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Auto adjustments in manual modes (M/SI)

Even in SI or M mode, the camera settings are adjusted automatically unless you specify otherwise. Controlling the Focus/Exposure element works in the same way as in automatic A mode, additionally you have the option to enable any or all manual controls for focus, exposure, and white balance. 

By default, the app starts in AUTO Focus/Exposure mode (focus and exposure elements are located in the center and become invisible) to provide a suitable starting point. Alternatively, you can select to preserve manual camera settings (Settings > General Settings > Preserve Settings).

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Semi-automatic SI versus manual M mode

In semi-automatic SI mode, you either set Exposure Time or ISO, and the camera determines the other value for you. In manual M mode, you set both Exposure Time and ISO manually.

Manual Controls panel

In semi-automatic SI or manual M mode, you will see the Manual Controls panel in the lower right corner of the viewfinder. This panel serves to operate the manual controls.

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How to operate the manual controls

Group 6299.svg or Group 6298.svg SI and M - manual exposure control for ISO and Exposure Time
Group 6300.svg WB - manual White Balance control
Group 6301.svg MF - manual Focus control

When you enable any of these options, the corresponding dial(s) will appear, allowing you to set the desired value.

The currently active control is highlighted in blue which indicates it can be adjusted.

Combine HUD button.svg


Combine HUD button-1.svg

Exposure control is active and adjustable

Combine HUD button-3.svg

White Balance control is active and adjustable
Combine HUD button-2.svg Manual Focus control is active and adjustable

An underline indicates that the corresponding camera settings are locked and the control is in manual mode.

Group 6302.svg

If a parameter is not underlined, it means that the camera will automatically adjust it. In the graphic above, the M and WB buttons are underlined, indicating that custom values for ISO and Exposure Time (M button) and White Balance (WB button) are in place. The Manual Focus (MF) button is not selected or underlined, so the value will still be set automatically.

Adjusting ISO and Exposure Time

Tap the SI or M button of the Manual Controls Panel.

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In semi-automatic SI mode (SI button is tinted in blue), only one of the ISO and Exposure Time dials is visible. To choose the active parameter (ISO or Exposure Time), tap the corresponding button located in the top bar of the Capture Screen. Additionally, the EV dial is always displayed to control brightness.

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With manual M mode active (M button tinted in blue), both the ISO and Exposure Time dials are displayed.

Group 6307.svg

Adjusting White Balance

Tap the WB button on the Manual Controls Panel to activate the White Balance dials (color temperature and tint).

Group 6305.svg       Group 6308.svg

Adjusting Focus

Tap the MF button on the Manual Controls Panel to activate the Manual Focus dial.

Group 6309.svg      Group 6310.svg

Resetting any manually adjusted parameter

To reset Exposure, White Balance, or Focus to work automatically again, simply tap the corresponding underlined button. When a button is not underlined anymore, the corresponding camera settings will be adjusted automatically.

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