Adjusting Exposure Time

Exposure time, or shutter speed, is the amount of time that the sensor is exposed to light.

As a photographer, adjusting the exposure time allows you to control the amount of light entering the camera and, as a result, the appearance of motion in your photos; a shorter exposure (fast shutter speed) freezes action, while a longer exposure (slow shutter speed) can create a motion blur effect.

Adjusting Exposure Time automatically.

In case you want the app to apply the most suitable exposure settings to your scene automatically in any mode (automatic A, semi-automatic S, manual M modes), you can choose one of the ways to do so:

  • Completely Auto adjustments. 

By default, the ProCamera app automatically sets all the necessary shooting parameters. The blue focus square and yellow exposure circle with the title "AUTO" at the center indicates that. The app will set the Focus, Exposure, as well as ISO, and Exposure Time automatically when you shoot, no matter where you point your camera.

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  • Using yellow Exposure Circle.

The Exposure control element (yellow Exposure circle) is in charge of controlling exposure. This includes adjusting the ISO and Exposure Time. To choose a specific area on the viewfinder for the app to set the right exposure based on the light level in that area, simply move the yellow Exposure circle. The app will automatically determine the ISO and Exposure Time to achieve the optimal Exposure.

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Note that you can move both the blue focus square and the yellow exposure circle together. Simply tap on any area on the viewfinder to let the app set Focus and Exposure on the area or object you have selected.

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Adjusting Exposure Time manually.

Manual adjusting Exposure Time in A mode.

Manual ISO adjustment is not available in automatic A mode. If you want to adjust ISO manually, switch to semi-automatic Sl or manual M mode.

Manual adjusting Exposure Time in Sl/M mode.

  1. To access the ISO dial, tap the Exposure Time value frame located on the top bar of the Capture Screen. The dial will appear in the lower part of the screen, above the Shutter button. The Exposure Time dial is always on the left side.

  2. Adjust the Exposure Time value by swiping your finger over the Exposure Time dial.

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Alternatively, you can tap the Sl/M button on the Manual Controls panel to access the Exposure Time dial and adjust the Exposure Time value. 

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Note that when you tap the SI button, you may not always be able to access the Exposure Time dial. The dial options shown will depend on the last dial you used and made adjustments to. If you tap the Sl button and the Exposure Time dial does not appear, simply tap the Exposure Time value frame located on the top bar of the Capture Screen, as described in step one of the Adjusting Exposure Time in Sl/M mode section above.

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When adjusting the Exposure Time in semi-automatic SI mode, ProCamera will automatically adjust the ISO value for a proper exposure.

Specificity of adjusting Exposure Time value in SI and M modes

Note that it is not possible to manually set both ISO and Exposure Time in SI mode. In Sl mode, you can select which value you want to prioritize (ISO or Exposure Time) and adjust it - the other value will be adjusted automatically. For example, when adjusting the ISO value in semi-automatic SI mode, ProCamera will automatically adjust the Exposure Time for a proper exposure.

In manual M mode, both values (ISO or Exposure Time) can be adjusted independently.

Resetting Exposure Time value.

To reset the ISO value, tap the ISO value frame in the top bar of the Capture Screen. You can also tap the Exposure Compensation value frame in the top bar of the Capture Screen. In both cases, the ISO dial will disappear and the app will automatically adjust the ISO to the appropriate value.

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