Save locations for ProCamera files

ProCamera allows you to store your images in different locations depending on your needs: iOS media library (Camera Roll-Regards) or internal ProCamera media library (Lightbox, Private Lightbox folders).

Available Save locations and difference between them

Camera Roll (Recents)

The iOS default and your system-wide save location. After you turn on iCloud Photo Library in iOS Settings, it is called All Photos. By default, Camera Roll is presented as Recents album. You can select any iOS album as the save location for photos and videos. The process is outlined in the Selecting any iOS album as the save location section below.


A special album for photos and videos saved inside of ProCamera. These files don't end up in your photos cloud but are part of an iCloud backup. Ideal for big photo shootings with lots of captures. To avoid cluttering your Camera Roll only export the best photos.

Private Lightbox

Similar to Lightbox, it is an additional album inside of ProCamera, which is protected. It can only be accessed via Face ID or Touch ID authentication. Other apps can’t see or access photos and videos saved inside this album, and these captures are not uploading to photo cloud.

Note that Private Lightbox is part of the ProCamera Up premium feature bundle. 

Selecting the save location in ProCamera Settings

  1. Open ProCamera Settings.
  2. Open Save Location under General Options
  3. Select one of the presented Save Locations

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You can also quickly change Save locations by either swiping up or pressing and holding the album thumbnail until the Select Storage Location menu shows up. 

Group 6385.svg      opening storage selector.gif

Group 6386.svg   opening storage selector 1.gif

Selecting any iOS album as the save location 

To select any iOS album as the Save location, (1) tap the three dots next to the Recents option. There you will see a list of all your iOS albums. (2) Tap the album you want to use as your Save location.

Group 6391.svg    Group 1392.svg

Creating custom albums

To create custom iOS albums right from ProCamera, open the Storage Selector and tap the '+' symbol. You can also tap the three dots next to the Recents album and create a custom album there by tapping the '+' symbol. 

Group 6393.svg

When you tap the '+' symbol, the New Album dialog will appear where you can enter the name for this album.

Group 6394.svg

Your new custom album appears in the Storage Selector menu. Tap to select it. If the album is highlighted in blue it is currently selected.

Group 6398.svg

Creating custom albums in ProCamera adds them to the iOS media library. They can be accessed by any app that has access to the iOS media library, including the default iOS Photos app.

Tip: Use custom albums to create specific collections and keep your photos organized, like "Italy Summer Trip 2023".


As Lightbox and Private Lightbox are stored inside ProCamera, deleting the app will delete all the content. 

Before deleting or reinstalling ProCamera, make sure you have exported files from the Lightbox and Private Lightbox album to the iOS Camera Roll.

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