Zooming in Photo modes

ProCamera supports a versatile Zoom feature, allowing you to bring your subject closer without physically moving towards it. ProCamera offers both optical and digital zoom capabilities to enhance your photography experience.

  • Optical Zoom utilizes the natural magnification properties of the camera's lenses. By selecting a lens with the appropriate focal length, you can magnify your subject while maintaining pristine image quality.
  • Digital Zoom works by cropping the full sensor image to bring the subject closer, which may result in a decrease in image quality as the image is upscaled.
  • Sensor-Crop Zoom is a unique feature available for iPhone cameras with 48MP capabilities. When zooming between 1x and 2x using the wide-angle camera, the image is not upscaled.

To swiftly switch to the virtual 2x lens, tap the 1x lens button.

Note that digital zoom is not available when RAW file format is selected. However, with ProRAW, digital zoom is possible. 

Difference in using zoom feature in A and Sl/M modes.

  • In automatic A mode, ProCamera utilizes 'Virtual Device Fusion,' activating all lenses at once. This feature ensures the system automatically selects the ideal lens while zooming, providing access to the full zoom range of your device and ensuring optimal image quality for the current lighting condition and focusing distance, all without manual lens switching.

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  • In semi-automatic SI and manual M modes, zooming is restricted to the range of the active lens, and you must manually switch lenses to access the full zoom range. For example, if you are using the 1x wide-angle lens, you cannot zoom out to the 0.5x field of view. Similarly, if you zoom in beyond the native optical zoom level of the tele lens, ProCamera will only zoom digitally.

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Possible ways to zoom in/out in ProCamera: 

Property_1_1.png Tap the lens buttons to Zoom optically 

Each iPhone lens has a specific focal length, and ProCamera represents these physical lenses with buttons in the lens selector (each showing the corresponding zoom factor). To switch lenses, simply tap the lens button to switch to the desired zoom factor.

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Property_1_2.png Tap the selected lens button (a second time) to Zoom

Tap the lens button that is currently selected to double the zoom-factor. The zoom is digital, but a special case is the 2x virtual lens on 48MP enabled iPhones, where zoom levels between 1x and 2x are achieved via sensor-crop without upscaling.

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Pinch-to-Zoom on the Viewfinder

Pinch the screen to zoom in and out. 

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Property_1_4.png Swiping over the Lens Selector to Zoom

Swipe along the lens buttons to smoothly zoom in or out. A dotted line will appear to guide your movement.

Group    Sequence


Summary of Lens Zoom Capabilities on iPhones

  1. Ultra-wide Lens (0.5x):

    • Digital Zoom: Starts from 0.6x and goes up to the maximum zoom level supported by the device, with a maximum of 4x (8 times the focal length).
  2. Wide Lens (1x):

    • Digital Zoom: Starts from 1.1x and goes up to the maximum zoom level supported by the device, with a maximum of 8x.
    • Special case: When using a 48MP camera, zoom levels between 1x and 2x are achieved via sensor-crop without upscaling.
  3. Telephoto Lens (2x, 3x, etc.):

    • Optical Zoom: 2x, 3x, etc., achieved with the lens's natural focal length.
    • Digital Zoom: Starts from 2.1x, 3.1x, etc., and goes up to the maximum zoom level supported by the device, with a maximum of 8 times the focal length (=16x for devices with 2x tele lens, 24x for devices with 3x tele lens).

Front-Facing Camera Zoom

ProCamera allows you to zoom in up to 8x with the front facing camera in the same way as with the rear cameras.

selfie_1.gif    selfie_2-1.gif    selfie zoom.gif


Enabling/disabling digital zoom in settings. 

Digital zoom is enabled by default in Photo mode. To disable digital zoom:

  1. Open ProCamera Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced Settings section. 
  3. Select the Photo Zoom section (under Photo Mode Options) to enable/disable Photo Zoom

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