How can I purchase vividHDR, LowLight Plus, or other in-app purchases?

We offer an In-App Shop where you conveniently unlock premium features. Go to Control Panel > Settings > Shop to browse options that are available on your device.

The ProCamera Up subscription is a bundle of premium features: Perspective Correction, Exposure Bracketing, Private Lightbox, Food Filters and San Fran filter pack.

It does not include vividHDR or LowLight Plus.

Please Note:
LowLight Plus camera mode is not available for purchase on the latest devices, since these devices provide the iOS Night Mode. Users who have unlocked our special camera modes (LowLight Plus and vividHDR) on a previous iPhone can continue to use them on their new iPhone. Both vividHDR and LowLight Plus are still available in their current state, but we do not develop them any further.

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