How can I set exposure to more than 1 second? (LowLight Plus)

Exposure time per single photo capture is limited for all iPhones. One second is the maximum exposure time for most modern iPhones. In order to go beyond that limitation, multiple photos can be captured and fused into one superior photo.

For older iPhones that do not offer a native Night mode, we offer an optional long exposure mode called LowLight Plus, which can be purchased via Settings > Shop. 

Make sure to enable the LUX+ button in LowLight Plus mode and to use a tripod in order to automatically combine up to 64 photos into a quasi long exposure. This allows you to get bright photos even in very dim environments.

With LUX+ disabled, LowLight Plus performs noise removal, which is suitable for free hand shooting.


LowLight Plus on newer devices (iPhone 11 and up)

On iPhone 11 and newer, there is a built-in Night mode in the iOS Camera app. The sophisticated iOS Night mode is amazing, but has not been made available to third party apps, hence we recommend using the native camera app for longer exposure times – or else, if you want special effects like light trails, check out the Slow Shutter App.

We have not made LowLight Plus available for purchase on iPhones 11 and newer. However, if you purchased the camera mode in the past on a previous device, it is available and should be displayed as one of the camera modes.

As an alternative to the native camera’s dedicated Night mode, you can also use Deep Fusion in ProCamera's standard Photo mode and increase the overall brightness of the photo by using the EV-Slider (which now allows going over the hardware limit).

More detail:

Currently, we are not sure if LowLight Plus is still needed on the latest iPhone generations. If you are really interested in trying it out, please let us know via the customer service option inside the app.

We will integrate the iOS Night mode of the new iPhone models in case Apple will make it available to third-party apps. If you also think this would be cool, consider letting Apple know about it. They count votes for feature requests, just as we do. When there is enough interest in a feature, they will add it, and so will we. 

Feel free to let us know your wishes for long exposure photography with ProCamera, and we will gladly consider them. 


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