How can I zoom when capturing photos/video?

On all iPhone models, pinch the screen or touch and hold the zoom controls, then drag the slider right or left to zoom in or out. 

On iPhone models with Dual and Triple camera systems, toggle between 1x, 2x, 2.5x, and .5x to quickly zoom in or out (in A-Mode) or change the lens (in M/SI-Mode). When you are in A-Mode, all lenses will be used at the same time, which is referred to as virtual device fusion and allows to quickly change between lenses. Virtual device fusion can yield better resolution and dynamic range, however it does not allow for manual control (such as setting exposure time and focus). 

You can enable/disable digital zoom for photo capture in ProCamera Settings > Advanced Settings > Photo Zoom and for video capture in ProCamera Settings > Video Mode Options > Video Zoom.

Note: Digital zoom is not possible when you have selected RAW or RAW+JPG as your preferred image file format. However, with ProRAW, digital zoom is possible.    

For RAW photos, our recommendation is to crop them after capture in editing, which is basically the same as digital zoom. The cropped photo will be saved as an edited version, which means the original RAW file will not be affected, and the cropped area can be changed anytime.

For more information on RAW capturing, see our blog post:

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