How do I edit a photo?

To edit a photo, please open it in single view and tap the second from right icon on the bottom tool bar. That brings you to the editing studios in ProCamera.


For more detail please check out our Video Tutorial Edit & Share in


When you edit in the camera roll, you have a choice:

either the original photo and the edited version are grouped and saved as one photo library entry (Save Edited Version) or the edited photo is saved as a new image (Save as New Image). Please use ProCamera Settings > Edited Version > Saving Edits in Studio to set your preference.


Independent of this setting, you can make a choice for each individual case of editing:

Edit your photo as usual, long tap on "Save" button: As you let go, a dialogue comes up with two options: "Save as Edited Version" or "Save as New Image".


When Editing in Lightbox and Private Lightbox, edited photos are always saved as new images.


More detail under in our blog post on v12.4

and in Edited Version Support in

and under Non-Destructive Aspect Ratios in

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