How to capture ProRAW files in ProCamera?


  • The ProRAW capture process is based on parameters only the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can provide (hardware limitation)
  • Your device needs to run iOS 14.3 or newer


Lenses and Modes:

  • ProRAW is available for all lenses on the new Pro iPhones – this means you can take ProRAW photos with the ultra wide and the front-facing selfie camera (not possible with standard RAW)
  • ProRAW is also available in ProCamera’s automatic A mode, which means it supports multi camera fusion (merging image information from various lenses/sensors), while standard RAW strictly requires single-lens capture. Standard RAW is therefore only available in M or SI mode as it contains unprocessed sensor data.


How to set file format to RAW:

  • Open the Control Panel in Photo or LowLight camera mode to activate RAW capture
  • Via Settings > File Format > Raw format you can determine whether standard RAW or ProRAW is available in the Control Panel


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