How to connect an external microphone?

ProCamera supports a wide range of external microphones – with connection types ranging from bluetooth and lightning to USB.

In order to use a cable-bound microphone, you only need to plug in your microphone in the lightning port. The info panel in the viewfinder of ProCamera's Video mode will then display a lightning cable icon.

If you want to use a USB microphone, you will need a Lightning to USB adapter*. It will then work like any other cable-bound microphone.

If you want to use an external bluetooth microphone, please enable Bluetooth in the control panel of our Video mode. This will cause the bluetooth microphone to have the highest input priority, which means as long as it is available, it will be taken as the microphone input.

In our free video tutorial about ProCamera's external microphone support, you can see and hear various microphones in action:


*Supported Product: Apple's Lighting to USB adapter

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