Manual Focus

Manual focus is part of the manual camera control and therefore only works in manual mode (M or SI mode), but not in automatic mode (A mode).

With manual focus enabled (Settings > Focus and Exposure > Manual Focus), you can toggle between auto focus and manual focus by long tapping the focus square on the capture screen. 
The “always active” option on the same settings page allow you to take over focus control anytime with a simple horizontal or vertical swipe gesture.

Manual focus works in video mode as well. You can change the focal plane by gradually shifting focus during video recording. Like in Photo mode, manual focus is not available in automatic A mode.


How to activate manual focus

  1. Go to: Settings > General Options: Focus and Exposure.
  2. Enable "Manual Focus" by activating the option.
  3. You can decide whether this function is always active, or if it has to be activated with a long tap on the focus reticle.


How to use manual focus


You can manually set focus by sliding your finger up and down on the viewfinder. Afterwards, without taking your finger off the screen, slide left/right to fine-tune focus. Fine-tuning only works when done as a sequence in this order.


Focus gesture:
Slide your finger upwards to focus towards infinity; slide your finger downwards to focus towards object at close distance (Macro).
To fine-tune your focus distance, keep your finger on the screen (don’t lift it off) and slide horizontally (left/right).

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