The classic Self-Timer feature gives you a delay between tapping the Second Shutter Button and the camera actually taking the photo. The Self-Timer can be assigned to the Second Shutter Button via Control Panel. Pressing the Second Shutter activates the count-down, three beeps will signal the last seconds before the photo is taken.




How to

  1. Selecting Self-Timer in the Control Panel assigns it to the Second Shutter button (button right next to the Main Shutter).
  2. Long-press the Second Shutter for additional settings.
  3. Set the desired delay for your timed shot (e.g. 3 seconds)
  4. A tap on the Second Shutter or anywhere outside the popup closes the Self-Timer menu.
  5. Another tap on the Second Shutter starts the Self-Timer capture.


Self-Timer Options in Settings of ProCamera

The timer duration and more can also be adjusted within ProCamera’s Settings.

How to open ProCamera’s settings
HC_1_Picto_CaptureScreen_HighlightedCP_102x116px.png Tap the Control panel icon.
HC_1_Picto_ControlPanel_HighlightedSettings_102x116px.png Tap the Setting icon.
HC_3_Picto_SettingsPhoto_HighlightedSelfTimer_102x116px.png Tap Self-Timer in the Photo Mode Options section.
HC_3_Picto_SettingsPhoto_HighlightedBackCamera_102x116px.png Tap the camera icon to go back to the capture screen once you have made the desired changes to the Self-Timer settings.
3_Icon_SelfTimer.png Dial in the preferred delay after which the camera takes the photo.
3_Icon_selftimer3.png Activate to automatically capture a series of three photos in a quick burst. This setting helps you to minimize the risk of eye-blinks in selfies and in group shots.
3_Icon_FLock.png Locks focus when activating timer (in case it is not locked already). Focus will be unlocked after timed captured process is completed.
3_Icon_LED.png LED blinks to indicate timer countdown.




The ProTimer is an intervalometer and an extension to the classic Self-Timer. It provides you with additional options to set a total number of photos as well as a pause between succeeding photos.



The icon of the Second Shutter indicates which Timer is active at the moment: The ProTimer icon includes the number of photos set.

  1. Long tap the Second Shutter, in order to get access to the settings of the Self-Timer.
  2. Tap on “Open ProTimer” to additionally set the total number of photos and the pause between succeeding photos.
  3. A tap on the Second Shutter saves your settings and closes the Timer menu.
  4. Another tap on the Second Shutter starts the ProTimer capture process.
  5. To stop the countdown or to stop an ongoing capture process, simply tap the Second Shutter again.
  6. To switch between Self-Timer and ProTimer long press the Second Trigger and choose Open ProTimer or Close ProTimer respectively. Your settings are retained.

 Please note!

ProTimer is not available in HDR, LowLight Plus and Portrait camera mode.

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