Capture 48MP photos

The 1x Wide lens of new iPhones (starting with the iPhone 14 Pro) is capable of capturing 48-megapixel photos due to an enhanced camera sensor. 

In ProCamera, you are not limited to the ProRAW file format to get these high resolution photos. ProCamera allows you to take 48MP photos as JPEG, HEIF, TIFF, ProRAW (all formats except standard RAW).

Steps to capture 48MP photos:

  • Switch to 1x Wide lens
  • Activate M or SI mode
  • Select the desired file format JPEG, HEIF, TIFF, ProRAW (every format except RAW)
  • Tap the "48M" button (left of the lens selector)
  • As long as the 48M button is highlighted in blue, 48-megapixel capture is active

Please note: When “Unprocessed” or "Unprocessed (no OIS)" is selected in ProCamera Settings > Capture Quality, neither (Smart) HDR nor 48 Megapixel capture are possible.

In the Album, you can easily check the resolution of any file with our EXIF Metadata Viewer ("i" button). 48 MP photos of the iPhone are 6048x8064 px in size. Please note that high resolution photos can be fairly large – 48 MP ProRAW captures can be bigger than 75 MB per photo...
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