Switching camera modes in ProCamera

ProCamera offers a unique set of camera modes each tailored for specific shooting purposes. 

Switching modes in ProCamera:

  1. On the Capture Screen of ProCamera, tap the Camera Mode Selector button (next to the main Shutter button).
  2. Select the mode you wish to use. Scroll up and down to see the full list.

Group 5751.svg

To personalize the Modes list according to your preferences and app usage, tap Edit List at the top. This lets you change the order of the listed modes and hide those that you don't use.

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Quickly switching between your two main camera modes:

On the capture screen, long press the Camera Mode selector to switch between the first two modes in your list. This is very helpful for quick switches where you don't even need to open the full list of camera modes.

Group 6148.svg      camera mode.gif

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