Activate RAW and ProRAW capture

The quickest way to activate RAW capture is our RAW Toggle. It is a special feature for conveniently switching between your favorite RAW and non-RAW file format right on the Capture Screen. For users who frequently switch between a specific RAW file format and a particular non-RAW file format, the RAW toggle is faster than the traditional way of opening the Control panel and selecting a file format there.

RAW capture is available in Photo and LowLight camera modes. On newer iPhones (iPhone 12 Pro and newer Pro models), it's also available in Selfie mode. RAW capture is not available in Video, Portrait, HDR or LowLight Plus camera modes. 

Enabling RAW Toggle feature: 

  1. Tap the Control panel icon.
  2. Swipe left to access the second page of the Control panel.
  3. Tap the RAW Toggle button.


Once you enable this feature, the corresponding RAW button will appear on the Capture Screen. Activating the RAW Toggle button in the Control panel will not activate RAW capture right away. Tap the RAW Toggle button on the Capture Screen to activate RAW capture (= RAW text on button is displayed in blue). Tap the button again to switch to your preferred non-RAW file format. 

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You can select RAW, RAW+JPG, RAW+HEIF or ProRAW as your preferred file format via the Control panel or in the app settings. To learn more about how to set the preferred file format, read this article.

Selecting your preferred RAW file format:

When you activate the RAW Toggle feature in ProCamera, it will use the RAW file format that you have set as your preference. To select the preferred RAW file format:

  1. Open ProCamera Settings.
  2. Tap File Format under Photo Mode Options.
  3. Tap the RAW format entry.
  4. Select one of the available RAW formats: RAW+JPG, RAW+HEIF or RAW or ProRAW.

Note: ProRAW format is only available on Pro/Pro Max devices (iPhone 12 Pro and up). To learn more about ProRAW read this article.

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Alternatively, the preferred RAW file format can be selected in the Control Panel (Format section):

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