Selecting the preferred file format in Photo mode

You can select your preferred file format from the following list of available formats in ProCamera:

  • JPG
  • HEIF - compared to JPG, it provides high quality while saving disk space and also offers a lossless option at 100% quality.
  • TIF - this format allows for lossless storage and compatibility, but requires significant disk space.
  • RAW - captures unprocessed RAW image data (DNG file).
  • RAW+JPG - captures both JPG and DNG files at the same time. 
  • RAW+HEIF - captures both HEIC and DNG files at the same time. 
  • ProRAW - captures processed image data in a RAW format (DNG file) for the highest image quality, retaining higher dynamic range compared to RAW. Available only on Pro/Pro Max devices (iPhone 12 Pro and up).

Selecting and activating the preferred image file format in the Control Panel:

  1. Open the Control Panel by tapping the 9-dots icon.
  2. Tap the Format button (Note: the icon for the Format button may vary depending on which format is currently set). 
  3. Select the desired File Format.

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Selecting the preferred file format in ProCamera Settings:

  1. Open ProCamera Settings.
  2. Under Photo Mode options, tap File Format.
  3. Select the desired non-RAW file format.

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To select your preferred RAW format, (1) navigate to the RAW format section and (2) choose from the available options.

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You can instantly switch between RAW and non-RAW using the RAW Toggle feature.

RAW files contain unprocessed camera sensor data and are not available when using camera modes that apply image processing, such as Portrait, HDR, or LowLight Plus. For that reason, some features such as Zoom, Fusion, and HDR are not available when RAW format is selected. However, most of these features (Zoom, HDR) will still be available when you select the ProRAW file format. To learn more about the differences between RAW and ProRAW formats, please visit our blog.

The available file formats may vary depending on the current camera mode. For instance, if you are in Portrait mode, you will only be able to select JPG or HEIC file formats.


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