Selecting an image version when multiple versions are available

In some cases, more than one version of a capture is available. In the album, multiple versions and respectively files can be combined into one single entry.

Typical scenarios for multiple versions of a particular capture:

New_Project-220.png When you capture a photo with an aspect ratio other than 4:3 (when Settings > Edited Version > Capture Aspect Ratio > Save Both Versions option is selected). Every aspect ratio other than 4:3 is achieved by cropping the 4:3 photo (4:3 is the native capture format of the iPhone/iPad). When the full 4:3 original is saved along the photo in the currently selected aspect ratio (e.g. 16:9) you can always go back and adjust the cropping after the capture.

New_Project-220.png When you shoot in RAW+JPG format, both files (the DNG and the JPG) will be saved in one entry.

New_Project-220.png When you use the Auto Perspective Correct (APC) feature, the system automatically creates two versions of the image. One version has the automatic perspective correction applied, while the other is the full sensor photo without any perspective processing.

New_Project-220.png When you shoot in camera mode Portrait two files are saved into one entry: the original photo without a depth blur effect, and the edited version with a depth blur (Bokeh).

New_Project-220.png When the Datestamp is enabled the camera saves the original image without any stamp and also creates a photo with your custom stamp added to the photo (when Settings > Edited Version > Datestamp > Save Both Versions option is selected). 

New_Project-220.png When you edit an image in ProCamera's Editing Studio, the system will save the edits as an edited version of the original photo by default. This nondestructive workflow enables you to always go back and adjust the editing later.

The automatically generated edited version which is saved alongside the original is always in HEIC format (starting with iOS 17), except for original JPEG images.

If you chose Camera Roll as the storage location for ProCamera, all available versions of an image are grouped into one entry in your photo library entry. If you chose Lightbox or Private Lightbox as your storage location, each version of the image will be displayed as a separate copy.


Switching between the different versions of a capture:

To switch between image versions in the ProCamera album, open the desired image and perform one of the following:

Option 1: Tap the "i" Info button. In the EXIF metadata viewer, all available image versions are listed. Tap on a specific version to view it or proceed with this version when sharing.


Option 2: To select a specific version, you may tap on the version selector located at the bottom left corner. After you tap it, you can choose from all available versions. The version you select will be viewed and also used for sharing when tapping the iOS share button.


Note that the edited version is indicated by an asterisk (HEIC*/JPG*) in the version selector.

When you export your images to your computer using Image Capture (Mac) or Photos (Windows) apps, each available image version will be exported separately. For instance, if you have an image that was taken in RAW+JPG format, and you later edited this image in ProCamera's Editing Studio and saved it as an Edited Version, there will be three versions of the image: the original JPG image, the DNG image, and the edited version.



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